MELPA package

Lambdapi source code can be edited with the emacs editor with the major mode lambdapi-mode. It requires Emacs 26.1 or higher and provides:

  • Syntax highlighting for Lambdapi (*.lp files) and Dedukti (*.dk files)

  • Auto indentation for Lambdapi

  • Easier unicode input

  • Completion for Lambdapi

  • Typing of symbol at point (in minibuffer)

  • Type checking declarations


  • C-c C-c: jump to cursor position

  • C-c C-n: next tactic or command

  • C-c C-p: previous tactic or command

  • C-c C-f: next proof

  • C-c C-b: previous proof

  • C-c C-e: toggle electric mode

  • M-; : (un)comment region

  • C-x RET C-\: enter unicode characters in minibuffer using LaTeX

  • M-. : goto definition

  • M-x customize-group lambdapi: customize window layout

  • C-c C-r: refresh window layout

  • C-c C-k: shutdown LSP server

  • C-c C-r: reconnect LSP server

  • Click on a symbol to discover its type in the bottom line

As always with emacs, if you were to be dissatisfied with these keybindings, you can change them easily!


The lambdapi-mode is distributed through MELPA, so you can use any package manager for Emacs.

Or, provided that MELPA is correctly configured, use the following command inside Emacs:

M-x package-install RET lambdapi-mode RET

where M-x is usually Alt+x and RET denotes the Return or Enter key.


Make sure you have a lambdapi.pkg file in your folder when editing a Lambdapi file in it.

Commenting regions

Lambdapi handles single-line and multi-line comments with // and /* ... */ respectively. To comment a region in Emacs, select it and use M-;.

Entering unicode


if company and company-math are installed, LaTeX commands are autocompleted with the latter tool. Any (or at least a lot of) LaTeX symbol can be entered via its LaTeX command: start typing it, and an autocompletion tooltip should suggest the unicode symbol.

This method is the more complete and easier to use, but depends on company.

LambdaPi input method:

if company or company-math is not installed, LaTeX characters can be entered via the LambdaPi input method. Greek characters can be accessed using backquoted letters (as done in cdlatex), or with the LaTeX command: α can be accessed with `a or \alpha, β with `b or \beta, and similarly for other Greek letters.

NOTE on the interaction between the input method and company: the dropdown window of company-math will not appear as long as the current word is a candidate for a completion of the input method. To favour company over the input method, the input method can be disabled setting the variable lambdapi-unicode-prefer-company to a non-nil value in ~/.emacs or ~/.emacs.d/init.el:

(setq lambdapi-unicode-prefer-company 1)
abbrev mode:

the abbrev mode is an emacs minor mode allowing the user to define abbreviations. For instance, one may define “btw” to be an abbreviation of “by the way” with, add-global-abbrev. Doing so will cause the sequence “btw” to be automatically expanded when the user hits SPC or TAB. The expansion can be inhibited by hitting C-q before SPC.

The function lambdapi-local-abbrev can be called when the cursor is at the end of a word to define the word as an abbreviation. When called, the user can input the expanded form in the minibuffer. Additionnally, the abbreviation is added as a directory local variable, so it will be available the next time a file of the project is opened. The function lambdapi-local-abbrev is bound to C-c a.

To enter unicode characters in the minibuffer using LaTeX, the TeX input method can be used, for this, once in the minibuffer, enter C-x RET C-\ and select TeX in the list.

LSP server

Electric Terminator mode

You can toggle electric terminators either from the toolbar or using C-c C-e. This will evaluate the region till the cursor whenever you type the ; terminator or begin.

Customize window layout

The window layout can be customized in the LambdaPi customization group (Do M-x customize-group lambdapi). The layout can be refreshed with C-c C-r.

CPU usage and deactivation

If for any reason the LSP server consumes too much power (e.g. if a non-terminating rewrite system is edited), it can be disabled with M-x eglot-shutdown.

Other relevant packages

To have everything configured using use-package, use

(use-package lambdapi-mode
    :hook (paredit-mode rainbow-delimiters-mode-enable))